Wedding Candles

Candles in a Wedding Ceremony or Wedding Reception

Candles make a wedding occasion more complete, the romance and ambiance created by the soft flickering light lends itself to enthrall and enchant. No matter the choice of decor and/or setting, candles accentuate the mood.

Unity Candles  

Two candles, each representing the bride and groom, are placed on either side of a larger pillar candle. These candles are placed on a small table in the ceremony  area. The bride and groom must be able to reach the candles without risk of injury or damage to property or clothing. The two side candles may be pre-light by attendants, family or by the bride and groom themselves during the ceremony. During the ceremony mention can be made to the significance of the lighting of the Unity Candle. Then the bride and groom each use a taper to light the larger pillar or Unity Candle, the blended flame symbolizing their new life together as one. The side taper candles may either be left burning or extinguished. One important safety tip: It is a good idea to have an extra set of taper candles lying on the table, in case the originals do not last the ceremony or become difficult to handle, in case of the need for the fresher taper candles  an attendant may fetch, light off the burning remains of the originals and replace with the fresher ones. The symbolism will not be affected and the ceremony continues without a hitch.


Memorial candles


These are often used together with the Unity Candle. These candles represent loved ones no longer living but important to both the bride and groom. The memorial candles may be placed on the same table as the Unity Candle or on a separate table for the memorial candles. The memorial candles need not match, just as each individual person had his own unique personality and impact on the couple. Often, the ceremony program will note who each candle is for and the relationship to the bride and/or groom.

Candles together with flowers as part of the overall wedding décor. Large candle holders are quite beautiful and available in many forms, styles and finishes. White candles fit any memorable wedding and colored selections compliment the decor of the occasion, the choice is yours and either way the candles will make your day special. Rows of  candles along ledges, on tables or placed in lantern-style holders, especially if used outside for evening settings are inexpensive, yet dramatic decorations. Candles on(on each table but please consider side protection) or in front of mirrors will multiply the lovely reflection of the flames. and dramatically increase the overall effect.


Safety with candles


Do not overlook safety when placing candles. Hurricane glass and special holders designed for candles and their use will help protect the flame from extinguishing by a breeze or accidental brush. Be aware of the proximity of flammable materials, ribbons, cloth or silk flowers near the flames. Protect guests, their clothing and surfaces from hot, dripping wax. Keep the candles away out of traffic areas and most definitely out of the way of the bridal party as they enter and exit the ceremony, the clothing worn by the bridal party usually requires much more space than normal wear and everyday clothing so measure to ensure safe and secure candle placement. Keep all candles well away from and out of reach of any small children, including the little ones in the bridal party. Flames attract small people like they do moths and we do not want our precious children to be injured.